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Year 6

The Pebble


Imprisoned in the rock pool

Grey pebble in a sea of white

Weathered by the storm of sand

Ground down by time

Crushed, downtrodden, pounded

Tossed aside



Shifted on a changing tide

Beaten by ferocious surf

Dragged by the ocean’s calling

Washed up on a vast new shore


grey pebbles, white pebbles, shells, rocks

seaweed, driftwood and sand.


By Year 6CB

Year 6LC


My Life

The hardest thing in life is to love

And if we didn’t love we will hate.

And if that was life

Then why should we live?


Paige Lloyd



Beautiful nature surrounds us

But we never notice it.

This wonderful world we live in

Is taken for granted.


Zainab Yasar


My Life

On the 31st a star was born

I twinkled into the light

I was a feisty baby

As vicious as a dog’s bite


A noisy piece of work

My dad would say

But really

He loved me anyway.


As I grew older

As I became more free

I thought to myself

What do I want to be?


My dream is set

I’m ready to shine, to be the best.

Be the best dancer

Beat the rest


Maisy Jackson


My Life

My life is like a world at war,

Far away from ending.

Throughout my life I’ve had to apprehend,

All my emotions blending.

When I was younger, it was all fun and games

I was on top of my world.

I didn’t live by any rules.

Now my life is really good

Having fun again,

Like a pig rolling around in mud.

I no longer have any pain.


Sam Drabble.



Galaxies far, far away,

Where people and aliens meet,

Light years away.

He had an antennae, I did not,

He was green, I was not.

This creature I didn’t understand

Met me with a shake of the hand.

Despite our differences,

We are equal

We should all learn to love and respect.


Thomas Marsland