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Year 5

Year 5SW's poem created with the Poetry Postman

The Homeless Crab


My name is Jim,

I need a home to live in.

Since I lost my shell,

I’ve been crawling through hell.


I asked another crab

if I could share a bunk?

He snapped his pincers,

Go away you punk!


Hello shark I said.

Do you have an extra bed?

I will crunch you with my teeth!

With that I scuttled out the reef.


I asked Uncle Squid

If he could spare a few quid?

Hmm let me think,

Sorry I’ve only got ink.


So I crawled around

And I saw a familiar wave

It’s time for tea son,

Get back in the cave!

Take a look at 5RB's poem created with the Poetry Postman!



I am who I am,

I am not what you see.

Look beyond my feathers

Find the real me.



I glide on my dreams

Drifting on a cloud.

Above our diverse city,

My feathers I am proud.


I am free to fly wherever,

Across the borders I go.

With my fellow friends

Of different colours they show.

Jotting our ideas down...

Jotting our ideas down... 1