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Who are the famous animals in our stories?

Who are the famous animals in our stories?


This half term we will be exploring lots of different stories that are themed around animals.

Each week we will be answering these questions....


Week 1 – What animals do I know? What animals do I have at home?

Week 2 – What animals does Brown bear see? 

Week 3 – What other animals could brown bear see? 

Week 4 – How many animals can I find in this story? 

Week 5 – What animals does Buster see on his Grandma's farm?

Week 6 – What animals would you see in the jungle?


Our key text is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Click the link to listen to the Brown Bear story read aloud


As communicators we will be learning to...

  • use our voice to make sounds to match stories e.g. animal and environmental sounds.
  • answer simple what and where questions about books.
  • name a range of animals.


As explorers we will be learning to....

  • discuss the features of animals.
  • understand what a farm is and the type of animals that live on it.
  • understand what a jungle is and the type of animals that live there
  • match animals and their habitats


As artists we will be learning to...

  • construct animal homes building spaces and creating enclosures. 
  • use movements to pretend to be animals.
  • create animals using junk modelling, using scissors and glue to join and shape.
  • retell animal stories through role play, using props to support. 
  • be able to sing the song Old McDonald.


As mathematicians we will be learning to...

  • select the correct animal patterns and match them to animals.
  • represent amounts of objects using marks and drawings. 
  • sing animal number songs.


As readers we will be learning to...

  • discuss my favourite ones. 
  • select books that have animal characters in them.
  • orally retell parts of stories in play.


As writers we will be learning to...

  • create and give meaning to marks that represent different characters from the stories.