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Which colours make you feel happy or sad?

What colours make me feel happy or sad?

During this topic the children will be learning about colour and how it makes them feel. We will be exploring our big question by conducting a range of experiments using colour and asking questions about our feelings.


In literacy we will be looking at our key texts which are Pete the Cat and The Rainbow Fish. The children will be encouraged to talk, listen and act out scenes from these stories as well as creating their own wonderful stories. 


In maths we will be developing our counting skills. We will also be looking at 2D shapes in the environment. 

Stunning Start

Stunning Start 1 Seeing what colour the fruit is when it cut it.
Stunning Start 2 Tasting the fruit
Stunning Start 3 Not a fan of the lemon ...."too sour"
Stunning Start 4 "My favourite is the watermelon"
Stunning Start 5 Tasting the fruit
Stunning Start 6 Tasting the fruit
Stunning Start 7 Tasting the fruit
Stunning Start 8 Tasting the fruit
Stunning Start 9 "I love lemons"
Stunning Start 10 Tasting the fruit

Painting Outside

Painting Outside 1 Mud painting
Painting Outside 2 Mud painting
Painting Outside 3 Mud painting
Painting Outside 4 Splatter painting
Painting Outside 5 Splatter painting
Painting Outside 6 Splatter painting
Painting Outside 7 Splatter painting
Painting Outside 8 Splatter painting
Painting Outside 9 Splatter painting
Painting Outside 10 Splatter painting
Painting Outside 11 Splatter painting
Painting Outside 12 Splatter painting

STEM - Taste the rainbow

STEM - Taste the rainbow 1
STEM - Taste the rainbow 2
STEM - Taste the rainbow 3
STEM - Taste the rainbow 4
STEM - Taste the rainbow 5
STEM - Taste the rainbow 6

STEM - Walking water

STEM - Walking water 1
STEM - Walking water 2
STEM - Walking water 3
STEM - Walking water 4
STEM - Walking water 5
STEM - Walking water 6
STEM - Walking water 7
STEM - Walking water 8