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Where does food come from? - Summer 1

Where does food come from?

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This half term, we will be exploring food! From the Geography of where food is produced and how it is traded, to the Science of why our body needs food to how nutrients are used.


In Geography, children will be exploring trading and import/export, climate zones and their production of different food and food production in the UK. They will be exploring food produced in Mediterranean, Tropical and Temperate climates.


In Science, we will be learning all about humans and living things. Children will learn about the bones and muscles in the human body and their purpose and the different types of teeth they have. We will explore how to keep our bodies and teeth healthy, different food types and nutrition.


In DT, we will be exploring food production in a much more practical way! Children will have the opportunity to analyse different types of bread before designing, measuring, kneading, proving and baking their own bread product for themselves! Yum!


In PSHE, we will be learning about the role of Fairtrade and the importance of Fairtrade products for farmers and traders. In French, children will learn vocabulary linked to food and the body.