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What makes a sound?

What Makes a Sound?

Throughout this topic children will be learning to develop their listening and musical skills. We will begin with a stunning start, creating a class orchestra! Then each week we will be answering smaller questions...


Week 1- What sounds can you make?

Week 2 - What sounds can you hear inside? (Writing structure week 1)

Week 3 - What sounds can you hear outside? (Writing structure week 2)

Week 4 - How many sounds can you find in this story?  (Maths week)

Week 5 - Can you make a sound instrument?

Week 6 - How does this sound make you feel?


We will be reading a key book called 'Peace at last' by Jill Murphy about a family of bears which keep hearing lots of noises! 


Some skills we will be developing are:

To use sound language to describe different sounds - ringing, scrape, shake, jingle, dull, loud, bang, crash, low, high, rustle, jumpy, long, quiet. 

To name different instruments such as xylophone, maraca, tambourine, castanet, triangle, guiro, bells, drum, guitar, flute. 

To recognise sounds and try to copy that sound with our voices. 

To retell the story Peace and Last through role play - to use language and sounds from the story.

Follow simple musical patterns and compose our own.

To choose their favourite instruments and sounds.

To use technology to create music e.g. Ipad.

To listen to music from around the world.

To discuss the features observed on instruments e.g. strings, skin, metal, wood

To discuss our feelings and how music makes us feel – happy, sad, scared. 

To explore how instruments can be played to produce different sounds and take turns to play with friends.

To begin to count a beat.

To change words to our favourite songs. 

To create movements in response to music.

To change sounds by playing instruments in different ways.


We will also be singing and learning some songs and rhymes by heart. 

Number rhymes - 5 little ducks, 5 little speckled frogs, 1,2,3,4,5.

Nursery rhymes - Baa baa, Twinkle twinkle, Humpty dumpty, Wheels on the bus, Incy wincy, row row, Mary had a little lamb, Miss Polly has a dolly, I’ m a little teapot.