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Fulltime places now available for our Pre-school for September 2021, please complete an application form (available on our website) and return to school or contact us for more information


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Week 4

Good morning Pre-School, I hope you had a lovely weekend, although the weather was a bit rainy!

We will be looking at a new book this week and it's one of mine, Miss Walton's and Miss Fowler's favourites. I hope you enjoy the story...


The Colour Monster - Read by Sherry

The Colour Monster - by Anna Llenas. Read by Sherry.
Can you answer the quiz at the end?

Writing & EAD

Draw a picture of the colour monster — what colour will you make him?

Think about he is feeling or how you are feeling. You could make him the colour you feel today.


You could use the template to help you...


Maths Colour Matching/sorting & C&L


Go on a colour walk—it could be around your house or outside with your grown up.

Take a bag or make little buckets from old margarine tubs and see if you can collect an object one for each of the colour monster’s feelings.

As you go round collecting try singing the chant:


We’re going on a colour hunt

We’re going to find some bright ones

What a colourful day

Let’s find … RED! (change for each colour)

(Based on the rhythm of “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” the children have read this earlier this year and will be familiar with the rhythm)


Miss Walton has told me how you love Moana, so have a try at the dance routine to You’re Welcome!