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Week 4

Good Morning Year Two and welcome to Monday 29th June I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

This week in literacy we will be looking at a series of poems. 

Watch the presentation to find out more...


Literacy challenges

Monday Maths Year Two

Introducing Multiplication Making Equal Groups

Year 2 Monday Maths - Multiplication

Looking at groups of equal amounts to solve multiplication questions

Topic - Broomwood Values Nurturing


Nurturing - to care for and cherish someone or something.


It is important to look after ourselves as well as others. If we do not care care of our bodies and our mines we can become ill. Take time out to relax and do nice things for yourself so our activity today is about relaxing and taking care of your yourself.


Sometimes our  thoughts and emotions can get stirred up and this makes it hard to think clearly. A glitter jar can be a tool to help you settle your feelings. 

What you'll need:

  • Water
  • An empty jar with a lid
  • Clear PVA glue
  • Glitter /sequins


What to do:

  • Pour water into the jar then add a big squeeze of glue. This will make the glitter swirl around and settle slowly.
  • Add glitter to the jar. It might float at first but don't worry !
  • Put the lid on tightly and gently shake the jar. Watch the glitter get stirred up. 
  • Watch the glitter as it falls.
  • How many out-breaths does it take for the glitter to settle completely?


Anytime you feel stirred up inside or worried up or upset shake the jar and watch patiently watch as the glitter falls. How do you feel as the glitter settles?