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Week 3


Date 22.06.2020

Today we are going to compare the animals in our story -  who is biggest who is the smallest.


Look at the presentation and tell your grown up who is the biggest and smallest of the animals.


If you have farm animals at home you could use these to compare choose two at a time to decide, then 3.


Who is bigger you or your grown up?

Who is smaller you or your teddy?


Reading and Expressive Arts and Design

Listen with Mrs Walton to the story of Oh Dear! By Rod Campbell  if you have your own book read along with your grown up. See if you can guess the animals behind the doors.

Can you join in with Buster: “No eggs here! Oh dear!”

Look at the picture carefully and see if you can answer the questions.


Are there lots of animals? How many animals can you see?

Which animal has horns?

Who says oink?

Which animal is the biggest?

Which animal is the smallest?

Which animal could you have as a pet at home?


Oh Dear! Written By Rod Campbell

Broomwood Pre-School Monday story read by Mrs Walton


Have a try at recognising and finding all the animals on the farm:


EAD & Maths

Try sing the song– 5 Little Chicks.