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Week 2

Good morning Pre-School and welcome to Marvellous Monday!

Let's get our day off to a good start with a song and dance...

Everything is Awesome - The Lego Movie Song



Click on the link below to see which story we will be looking at this week and meet the characters.



Reading and Expressive Arts and Design

Listen with Miss Walton to the story of The Gruffalo  if you have your own book read along with your grown up.


Can you join in with the animals: Where are you going to Little Brown Mouse make your voice sound like a fox, a hissing snake and an owl!

Try a squeaky mouse voice to say “I’m going to have lunch with a Gruffalo!”


Look at the picture carefully and see if you can answer the questions.

How many animals can you see?

Who is orange?

Are the trees tall or small?

Where  is the mouse?

What do you think the fox wants to do with the mouse?


Make your own Gruffalo story props using cardboard rolls (the inside of kitchen roll is perfect) and a box… use the pictures to help you make your own.



Today we are going to practise saying our number names in  order and count the animals in our story:

Can you put a mark for every animal you count on the sheet.



The Gruffalo has his very own website! If you would like try some Gruffalo activities on—line click on the link below:



Understanding the World

Do you know how to make roasted fox?

Try this, you will need your adult to help as you use very hot water!

You will need

· 1 packet of orange jelly

· 1 tin of  satsumas/oranges

· 1pint of water


· Follow the instructions on the packet.

· Instead of using all  water to make your jelly, swop some for the juice in the tin of oranges.

· Lay the tinned oranges in the bottom of a dish

· Pour over the jelly

· Leave to cool and then place in the fridge to set.

· Eat and enjoy!

Adults Ask:

How did the jelly change?

How did you make it change?

Why did you use hot water?

What colour is the jelly?

What does roasted fox taste like?


Mrs Walton's Roasted Fox...

Physical Development

Bean Bag Olympics

Materials Needed: Bean bag or soft ball or a rolled up sock, masking tape or  draw and mark a line with chalk.

Tape/draw 2 lines on the floor or carpet.

Have the children stand at one of the  lines.

They each should have one bean bag/sock/ball.

Challenge the children to get the bean bag to the other line in different ways by using different body muscles:

Throw with your hands.

Place on the top of your hand (not the palm) and try to toss it to the line.

Place the bean bag on the top of your foot and try to kick-toss it to the other line.

Try tossing it only using 2 fingers.

Try it tossing it backwards over your head!

Can you think of any other body parts you could use?