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Wednesday 8.7.2020

Broomwood Pre-School Walters Wonderful Web

Listen to the story of Walter the Spider again carefully, can you join in the story? Make a noise like the wind! Then answer the questions.

Why do you think Walter’s friends webs were perfect but his wasn’t—how was his web different? What does he need to do so his webs will get better?

Maths & PD


 Draw the shapes Walter used to make his web on a plain card (you could use an old box).

Ask the children to place coloured beads/buttons/skittles/smarties (use what ever you have a available) along the lines of the rectangle, square, triangle, diamond and circle to create each shape.


Create patterns using the different colours, such as green, blue, green, blue, etc.

Turn the cardboard over and see if they can make the shape again but this time with no lines.


Talk about the attributes of each shape and ask questions, what do you call a shape that has two long sides and two short side (lengths)? Which of the shapes would you say looks like a window or a plate?


Extend the learning and talk about corners. What is a corner? Find the corners in your room. Which shape does not have corners?

Can you make the shapes?


Ask children why they think spiders make webs.

Discuss how they make webs to catch their food.

Explain webs are sticky so that the bug sticks to the web and can’t move.


Go for a walk outside and see if you can find any spiders webs.

Look closely to see the shapes and patterns.

Discuss where you found them. Why do you think the spider built his web there?

Was there anything stuck to them?

Ask the children to gently touch them, what they feel like? Did it stick to your finger?


Ask: Why doesn't the spider get stuck to his own web?

Now we are going to complete a science investigation to find out why!


Why doesn't a spider stick to it's web?

An experiment to see why  spiders don’t get stuck on their own web.


What you need:

Sticky Tape/Sellotape

Cooking Oil



Spread out the tape sticky side up.

Ask the children to walk their fingers across the tape.

What happens?  (Their fingers stick.)

That is like the bugs on a spiders’ web.

Now put some cooking oil on the children’s fingers and do the same—walk their fingers across the sticky tape.

Do their fingers stick now? No! Some spider produce a special liquid like oil on their legs that keeps them from sticking to things.


The Very Busy Spider - by Eric Carle

Listen to another Spider Story.