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Wednesday 6th May

Wake Up, Shake Up!

"You're Welcome" from Moana |


The poems that Allan Ahlberg writes use a common feature in poetry: rhyme. Rhyme is one of the ways that the poems become fun to read! If words rhyme, they sometimes have the same spelling pattern. Today's spelling activity focuses on some of these types of words and have been taken from the year 3 spelling patterns. Open the activity below. Remember that you can copy the tables into your books.

Maths- Time- Hours in a day


There are 24 hours in a day. Look at the picture to see when noon, midday and midnight are.


Work through the powerpoint then answer the questions.

Guided Reading- The Shaman's Apprentice



Using the following movements, can you create your own relay race?

  • Pencil jumps
  • half turns
  • star jumps
  • running on the spot
  • lying on the floor

In a space in your house (or outside if you have a garden), make a circuit and decide how many of each jump or movement you need to do and where you will do each one. When you have finished, time yourself completing your circuit. How long did it take?

Challenge yourself to try it again – can you complete it faster?

Could you challenge a member of your family to complete your circuit? Don’t forget to time them too!

Computing- Create a Powerpoint


Your task is to create a PowerPoint presentation about an endangered animal that lives in the rainforest.


First you need to carry out research finding an animal that is endangered and lives in the rainforest.


Use these websites to get you started:

Next you need to find out as much information as you can about your animal.


Finally use your information to create your own PowerPoint. If you have not got access to PowerPoint you could create a written presentation in your books.


Use the PowerPoint presentation to help you create your presentation. You could also watch this tutorial if you are struggling to use PowerPoint:

3SW Class Read- Day 22