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Afterschool clubs available now to book on Parent Pay. Clubs will start on Monday 22nd September. Book now to avoid disappointment. Please see 'extra curricular activities' on website for a full list of the clubs available


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Wednesday 6th

Literacy - How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

Enjoy this story about a little boy who wants to catch a star


Stars are very shiny and we see them twinkle in the sky. Why don't you go on a shiny hunt around your house to see if you can find anything that is sparkly and shiny like the stars!


Zoom Zoom Zoom We're Going to The Moon Song

Here is a lovely song about going to the moon!


Still image for this video
The sound of the day - b


Find some toys from around your house that start with the sound - s,a,t,p

Can you sort the toys into different groups based on their initial sound?


Star hunt


Look around your house and see how many stars you can find?

Which star is the biggest?

Which star is the smallest?


Physical Development - Peace Out