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Wednesday 29th April


We are going to change the ending of the story! Instead of the gingerbread man being eaten by the fox, what else could happen? Have a chat with your grown-up. 

  • Could the fox carry the gingerbread man all the way across river and help him?
  • Could the gingerbread man swim across the river by himself?
  • Could the gingerbread man meet a bird that flies him over the river? 
  • Could the gingerbread man find a boat and sail on it across the river?
  • Could the gingerbread man climb up a tree and hide?



Draw a picture or write a sentence to show your idea! 


Practice your sounds and do your actions! 


What is this sound? 

 Remember we say 'nk    I think I stink' 

Look at the pictures and say what you see. Have a go at sounding out and writing the matching word. The first one has been done for you!


Now, try your best to write a short sentence about this picture! 

Your sentence could be ‘I can see a chest’ or ‘The chest has coins’. 


Still image for this video

Physical development

Can you draw a picture of a gingerbread man. Ask your grown up to hide it somewhere in your home. Now try and find the gingerbread man. Time yourself!



Make a gingerbread man/lady paper chain.


You will need:

Large sheet of brown paper (if you can’t get brown paper do as we did and paint some white paper brown)
Glitter glue
Black pen



Fold the paper concertina style. Draw a man shape on the front of the paper making sure the hands touch the folded edges. Cut out the man shape and unfold the paper.

Decorate the gingerbread men with the glitter glue and black pen.


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