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Fulltime places now available for our Pre-school for September 2021, please complete an application form (available on our website) and return to school or contact us for more information


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Wednesday 29th


The moon looks different every couple of days. Take a look out of your window and see what the moon looks like tonight. If you are asleep, ask your grown up to take a picture of it for you or watch the video below to see how it looks different.


Keep a moon diary and colour in how the moon looks on different days! 

Draw lots of circles in your book like this to make your own moon diary.

NASA Moon Phases

Watch this video to see how the moon looks different everyday. I wonder what the moon looks like in the rhyme hey diddle, diddle.


Did you watch yesterday's story: Papa, please get the moon for me.

If not go back to yesterday's page and watch the story. 


Have a think about how you would get the moon down from space? What different things could you use?

Draw a picture in your book of how you would get the moon!

Story time - Lilly and the Moon


Counting nursery rhyme characters



Still image for this video
The sound of the day is 'o'

Can you segment and blend these words?


p o t       n o t

Bertha Bus

Set up a small toy zoo and join your child as they play with it. Use a toy bus and a bag of animal toys with names starting with the same sound (e.g. a lion, a lizard, a leopard, a llama and a lobster) to act out this story. Chant the following rhyme and allow each child in turn to draw an animal out of the bag and add an animal name to the list of animals spotted at the zoo.

Bertha the bus is going to the zoo, Who does she see as she passes through? … a pig, a panda, a parrot and a polar bear

Physical Development