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PE With Joe | Tuesday 5th May



There are lots of reasons to love and to take care of our planet!

Read through the Wonderful world presentation and the Table Top Twitter activity! Look through the photo cards and choose 5. For each one, use persuasive and emotive language (language that makes the reader feel a certain way). Can you include alliteration? Can you include questions or exclamations?

 Consider the three areas:

1. What does it show? (Use exciting and ambitious adjectives)

2. How does it make you feel? (Use evocative language – that means language that will create a feeling in the reader)

3. Is there an environmental message? (Think back to Monday and Tuesday’s learning)



Today, you have a range of different questions about the 12 hour clock. You will see analogue and digital times. Analogue is a clock face and digital is the clock face you see on alarm clocks or ovens. How many different ways can you see time in your house?

Try and answer as many questions as you can. Don’t worry if you find one tricky, pass this one and come back to it later.

Guided Reading


Follow up 1 - Investigation

Here are some links to help you learn more:



How many products did you find which contained palm oil in your house?

You might want to include them in a poster you create today. Create a poster to teach others about palm oil, showing what you have learnt about it this week. Use pictures and writing. I have added some posters that already exist to help you.

PE activity - we are loving this dance in school! Rasputin Just Dance

Topic - Computing


Your task is to create a PowerPoint presentation about an endangered animal that lives in the rainforest.

First you need to carry out research finding an animal that is endangered and lives in the rainforest.

Use some of these websites below to get you started:


Next you need to find out as much information as you can about your animal.


Finally use your information to create your own PowerPoint. If you have not got access to PowerPoint you could create a written presentation in your books.


Use the PowerPoint presentation to help you create your presentation. You could also watch this tutorial if you are struggling to use PowerPoint (powerpoint help link)

Cressida reads How to Be a Pirate: Chapter 3

The third chapter of How to Be a Pirate. You can watch previous chapters, and catch up on the first book here: