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Wednesday 25th March


Today, we will be practising our spellings from the Year 3/4 Spelling list. The focus will be the sc spelling for the sound /s/ (found in words such as science and ascend)


Read through the Powerpoint and then complete the handwriting practice. After that, apply your spellings with the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check sheet. Finally, find the spellings in the wordsearch. 



Today, we will be dividing 1 digit numbers by 10.


When we divide a number by 10, the digits move one place value column to the right.


When an answer is less than 1, the digits will move into the tenths (and/or hundredths) columns. You will need to use a decimal point to keep the value of each digit.


If the answer is less than 1, you will also need a 0 in the ones column to keep the value of each digit.


For example, 5 divided by 10 = 0.5 


Read through the Powerpoint and then solve the problems on the activity sheet.



Take a virtual tour of a Roman Villa! Collect some facts on what you would find in the villa and what it looks like. What ambitious adjectives can you collect to describe it?


Create your own For Sale advertisement for a Roman Villa. Use persuasive language and superlatives (grandest, largest, most superior) to persuade the reader that they want to buy the villa. What are the key selling points that you found?

Virtual Roman House

This is a 3D reconstruction of a typical upper class Roman home called a domus. The reconstruction, model and textures was created by Ancientvine. The animat...

Class Book

How did you get on with the first 10 minutes of Wonder yesterday? I hope you enjoyed meeting August and finding out a little bit about his life. I liked the story his mum told him about the farting nurse!


What are August's initial feelings about going to school?


Why is he daunted (anxious) about the idea of going to school?


Do you think he is right to be?


Listen to the next 10 minutes of the story today, stopping at 20 minutes.

Wonder Audiobook R. J. Palacio

Wonder Audiobook R. J. Palacio