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Wednesday 25th March

Struggling to know how to explain what is happening?

We are currently in very challenging and anxious times. It is hard to explain to children what is going on, especially when we don't have all the answers ourselves. It is even more difficult when your child has additional needs. I have attached a social story below to share with your child to try and help them make sense of what is happening. 

Remember Nessy!

Please spend some time on Nessy- this online program will find lessons and games which are matched exactly to your child's learning. I can see who has logged on and for how long ... I will be watching to see how you are all doing.


If you have not received a login and think your child would benefit, please contact school. 

Learn Maths facts 

Here is a Maths game to help build fluency of adding numbers. 

Learning key words

Remember stick to one word card at a time. Repetition is the key. Here are a couple of ideas to help your child learn their sight words today. Have fun!


Idea 1

Write each key word on a piece of paper (you can use a page from your book). Stick a different word on each step- everytime you walk up the stairs say the word as  you step on each step. Everyone should join in!


Idea 2

Play noughts and crosses. Chose two words from the card that your child can read confidently. Each person has a word and instead of a nought or cross to make a line of 3. This will help your child recognise the word and learn to spell it. 




Relax and do some yoga

Here are today's yoga poses- relax and enjoy. Please Tweet some photos. We would love to see how you are getting on!

Learn Sign Language

Here is a link so you can sign up to learn sign language for free! You will need to register but what a fantastic way to spend your time while we are in 'lockdown'.