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Year 3 Literacy- The Great Kapok Tree- Day 7


Today is a grammar lesson looking at verbs and modal verbs. We will be using modal verbs tomorrow when writing an argument against deforestation.

First, work through the activities on the BBC Bitesize website identifying verbs completing the finding verbs activity. Then have a look at modal verbs are.


Click on the White Rose website and choose:

Home Learning

Year 3

Week 2

Then find the video that says Fractions of a Set of Objects 2.

Make sure you choose the fractions of a set of objects video number 2, not video number 1.

Then have a go at one of the sheets. You can choose the easier on or the harder one, depending on how you feel about the work today.

When the lady in the video tells you to pause and have at the sheet, she means the harder sheet, so you don’t need to pause if you are trying the easier sheet.


Battleships- Follow the instructions on the task card to play this throwing game.



Today we will be learning about vertebrates and invertebrates.


Read through the lesson introduction and powerpoint. This will help you to understand what a vertebrate is and which animal groups are vertebrates.


Select one of the pictures from the photo sorting cards (Remember that this doesn’t need to be printed, just looked at). Can you follow the classification chart (Activity sheet) to work out which animal group it belongs to? Have a go with several different animals, until you feel confident following the classification chart.

Then, use the rest of the Powerpoint to help you to create your own classification key – remember that this can be written into your book.

3SW Class Read- Day 12