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Today, we are going to recap how to make a whole and consolidate our learning by applying these skills into different types of questions.

So, how many tenths make a whole?

How many hundredths make a whole?

How many hundredths make a tenth?


Read through the Powerpoint and then answer the questions. There are three different options of worksheet.

Green is questions 1a to 5b

Blue is questions 6a to 10b

Purple is questions 11a to 15b

Guided Reading


Focused Reading

Read the text again, now you understand more of the words in the text.

Can you summarise the text? That means to sum up the main points/events in the story in one-two sentences. Make sure that you focus on the relevant 5Ws (who/what/whe/when/why)

Make a prediction about what is going to happen next and write this into your book.

PE Activity


Make an Easter themed obstacle course – in the garden or at home! Ideas include:

Hop like a bunny 50 times – on each leg!

Balance on your hands and feet – like a leaping frog – and bounce around the room.

Egg and spoon – can you walk with the egg without dropping it? Can you jog too?

If you have a family member to join in – have some fun with a boiled egg! Can you throw and catch it?