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Afterschool clubs available now to book on Parent Pay. Clubs will start on Monday 22nd September. Book now to avoid disappointment. Please see 'extra curricular activities' on website for a full list of the clubs available


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  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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Wednesday 24th June

Today you will be learning about onomatopoeia before writing about Leon and the place between tomorrow.

Multiply by 8

Topic- Nurturing 

We need to be kind to ourselves – being kind to yourself is important to keep us happy.
It is normal to have days when we feel more negative emotions, such as sadness or anger, however we need to nurture ourselves by being kind to ourselves with strategies that can make us feel happy again. Think of ways that you like to cheer yourself and others up.
These could be simple, short activities, such as reading a book or making your favourite recipe.


Make a kindness bag or box. Decorate a bag or box to keep your acts of kindness in.
Write ways that you can make yourself feel happy when you feel sad or
angry onto strips on paper. These can be placed inside your bag of kindness and used when you need them.


#ThisIsPE - Horizontal climbing

Daily Read

The Boy in the Dress- 13