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Wednesday 24/6/2020


Date 24.06.2020

Choose 10 of your toys -


Draw two circles one big and one smaller


Pick two toys at a time and decide which is bigger and which is smaller then place in the right circle.


If  you stood next to someone in your family—Mummy, Daddy, brother or sister

Which circle would you stand in?


Reading and C&L


Have another listen to the story of Oh Dear!   if you have your own book read along with your grown up. Join in with Buster: “No eggs here! Oh dear!”

Can you predict which animal is in the house before you open the door—by making the animal sound ?

Look at the picture carefully and see if you can answer the questions.


Who lives in the sty?

Where is Teddy?

What colour are the flowers?

Did Buster get some eggs from the sty?



Writing/PD Pencil Control & UW


Draw a line to match the animals to their house.


Can you name the animals and the houses they live in?


Physical Development


Can you play roll the egg with Buster.

Create tunnels with a sheet of card or paper and roll the ball make sure it goes through and not round. Make your tunnels different sizes, longer or shorter, narrower or wider. Which tunnel is the easiest to get the ball through?



Broomwood Preschool Sing A Long

Join in with Mrs Walton and Miss Walton singing Old McDonald's Farm.