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Wednesday 22nd April


Please remember to use Nessy- little and often works best. 30 minutes on a spelling activity and 30 minutes of a reading activity will really help with your child's literacy skills. 

Oxford Owl 

Online ebooks which are free. Reading everyday, even for just 10 or 15 minutes is very important during lockdown.  


Key Words

Here are some activities to help your child learn to spell their key words. Engaging all of the senses will really help them to remember how to spell and read the words. 



Many of the key words are 'common exception words' which means they cannot be sounded out. Children just need to remember what the word says. Making a collage is a great way to do this. You might want to search for the target word in a newspaper or magazine and circle them or cut them out to make a picture, or use coloured paper, pasta, stringor LEGO bricks to write the word. 

Maths game 

The Maths game today can be changed to make it easier or harder. Please focus on the reading numbers part.