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Wednesday 22nd April

Happy Wednesday Year 4!


I hope you are having a good week. Please let me know how you are getting on through the comments box on the website. It is lovely to hear from so many of you :)


I have a little challenge for you today... Can you find the only number that has the same amount of letters as the number it is? For example, thirteen has 8 letters so it isn't 13.


Good luck!





Today we will be exploring deforestation and the arguments surrounding it.

Read through the Deforestation Introduction to learn more about what it means and the effects it has on people, plants and wildlife.

Read through the Deforestation sorting cards – can you sort these into arguments for and against deforestation? You don’t have to print and cut them. You can either discuss these with an adult or write them down.

Finally, complete the effects of deforestation activity sheet. Use the internet to research additional effects of deforestation.

What do you think about deforestation? Should it carry on? Why/Why not?



Today, we are learning about pounds and pence. Have a look at home if you have any spare change. Do you know the name of each coin?


After you have finished the activity today, have a look at a receipt from a recent shopping trip. How many different ways could you pay for the shopping? Think about using notes too.

PE Activity


Can you do the following movements?

  • Crawl like a Cat for 1 minute
  • Stretch as high as a tall tree and get low as a small rock 10 times
  • Star jump while you sing the alphabet twice
  • Crawl backwards as quietly as you can for 2 minutes
  • Move to your choice of music for a whole song
  • Imagine you are a gentle breeze moving for 2 minutes (now transform into a ferocious gust for 1 minute)

Science - Lesson 2


Today we will be learning about vertebrates and invertebrates.


Read through the lesson introduction and powerpoint. This will help you to understand what a vertebrate is and which animal groups are vertebrates.


Select one of the pictures from the photo sorting cards (Remember that this doesn’t need to be printed, just looked at). Can you follow the classification chart (Activity sheet) to work out which animal group it belongs to? Have a go with several different animals, until you feel confident following the classification chart.

Then, use the rest of the Powerpoint to help you to create your own classification key – remember that this can be written into your book.

Class Read

We stopped at an exciting part yesterday! What do you think will happen next? Do you think Bagheera will be victorious? Why/Why not?

Read the next 15 minutes today, stopping at 45 minutes.