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Wednesday 22nd


Can you draw around your hands to make a spider? How many legs does it have? What else do you need to add?


Re-watch the video of the very busy spider from yesterday. Can you draw all the animals that come to see the spider? Which ones can you remember? Use the prompt below to help you.

Can you write the first letter sound of each animal e.g. 'd' for dog? You might even be able to write more than just the first letter and write the whole word! Try writing pig, cat and duck too! Sound out the words c-a-t, p-i-g. 

Maths - How many spiders?



Draw 5 spider webs on a piece of paper.

Think of number between 1-10 and write it in the centre of the web. 

Then draw the correct number of spiders to match the corresponding number.


To make this activity harder you could ask "How many spiders would we have if we had one more?"

Phonics - 't'

What words can you think of that start with the sound 't'?

Tongue twister

Can you try segmenting and blending these words?


s a t                  a t 

Physical Development - Spidey Superpowers