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Wednesday 1st July

Wake up shake up

Enjoy the spiderman theme yoga


Starter:Complete the answers in your book and then mark them using the answers below. You should look for page 5 answers.  

Main: Watch the video about Lionfish and then write another fact sheet. You will be a pro by the end of the week!




Starter: Watch the 9 x table song


Play the 9 x table game


Main: Watch both of the lesson videos and then complete your questions. Don't forget to use the same method that you have seen today.



Read the story and complete the questions in your book. 


Watch the video and then complete the activity. Keep your score to see if you can get better and better.


Today we are continuing with learning about respect. There are  lots of jobs that people do that help others. These people are called key workers. Have a look at the PowerPoint about people who help us. Write a list of the key workers that you spotted on the power point. Is there anybody else that you can add to the list? Why are keyworkers are so important?  Have you  got a keyworker in your family? What do they do? What uniform do they wear?

Can you make a collage/painting/poster/ drawing/book about a keyworker or keyworkers, labelling it with the phrase " Keyworkers matter".  If your grown up lets you, you cut stick it on your window to show support to the keyworkers who live in your area. 



Class read

Click on the link to hear the next part of the story.