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Wednesday 17th June

Literacy starter:

We are continuing with learning how to use suffixes today. Complete the activity below.

Look at the list of root words below and complete each word by putting an able or ible at the end.


Reli, solv, invinc, prevent, ador, cred, cap, like, digest, indestruct, irrespons, separ



Main: Look at grid 4

Draw it in your book and see if you can complete it based on the forest picture. Remember to add as much detail and description as possible.




Starter: Watch the song all about the 7 times tables.


Click on the link to play the 7 x table game:


Main: Today we will be practising the pictorial method for subtraction. Watch the video from yesterday’s lesson if you need to help on this.


Answer the questions on the sheet using the pictorial method.



Read the story “ A storm is brewing”. Now answer the questions based on the text.#



Watch the story of what the ladybird heard.

 What made the animals such a good team? What may have happened if they hadn't worked together? Have you ever worked with anybody to solve a problem?


On today's lesson I would like you to make a paper chain of some of your friends from school who you play, work, sing, chat, help together . Label each person with their name.


Here is a link with instructions of how to make a paper chain.


Class read : Listen to Mrs Stephani read some of the story “ The Giraffe, and Pelly and Me”, by Roald Dahl.