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Wednesday 24th June



Watch the video on using apostrophes for contractions.



Main: Here is another lego minifigure fact page and character. Read through it and see what interesting facts the author has written about. 




Today you are going to design another lego character. Maybe choose one that you have or that you have seen before. You could mix and match characters body parts and accessories.

Remember to base your fact sheet on the example that I posted on Monday. 


Starter: Complete as many activities out of the 5 as you can in 15 mins.


Complete half the questions on the riddle sheet using the pictorial method that I modelled yesterday. Watch the video again if you need some more help today.


Read the extract and then answer the questions. 


Complete Joe Wicks's session of the day. You can find this on you tube.


Yesterday you should have taken  care of your egg. Today I would like you to draw and label a picture of the egg, its bed and blanket. Now I would like you to write some sentences about how you nurtured your egg. Was it fun? What did you find tricky? What did you find easy? How did you feel having to nurture something? If your egg was a pet what extra jobs would you need to do for that pet?  Write them as a list.

Class read

Enjoy the next story by Ted Hughes, from the book How the whale became and more stories.