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Wednesday 17.6.2020

Good morning Year Two are you ready for maths?

We will continue with subtraction problems but first ... 


Let’s keep on with those 5 times tables. Warm up our bodies and maths brain by dancing along with Ziggy and saying your 5 times table. 


Then tell your grown up or write the answer in your book all the numbers in the 5 times table which also appear in the 10s. Think about the number pattern. Use your counting in 5s number square to help you!


Click on the link below:

5 Times Table Song (Learning is Fun The Todd & Ziggy Way!)

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Main Activity:

Today we are going to continue working on subtraction word problems.

Look at the worksheet below.

Read the questions carefully— or ask your adult for help.

Look at the value of the numbers you are working with.

Refer back to Monday or Tuesday's video if you are unsure of the pictorial methods to help you solve the calculations.


Don't forget to check your answers before moving onto the next problem. 


Remember - always draw the jumps with care or the tens and ones table accurately counting precisely.