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Wednesday 01.07.2020

Reading, PSED & C&L


Read the Colour Monster story presentation again — there is a little challenge at the end of the story for you.

The Colour Monster

Remember which feelings each colour represents and draw a face to show each feeling—emoji type images.

Then find an object with the same colour to match the emotion.

Ensure your child know which emotion is which: happy, sad, frightened, calm, angry, loved. 


Or call out an emotion and your child finds the right face or colour.





Use the monster template and follow the instruction sheet to create a mixed up monster. 


Then ask your child the following questions from the sheet and choose the correct picture.















How Many Fingers? | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Maths: Sing the monster counting song—make sure you can see your fingers and toes! Do you and your grown up have the same number of fingers and toes can you sing along and count theirs too?



Play Balloon Keepy Uppy


What’s needed: Balloons!



Balloon Keepy Uppy can be played in groups or with just the one child. See how the balloon can stay off of the floor by tapping it up into the air, you can use any part of  the body, arms, legs, head… Just don’t let it drop and touch the floor!

You can also give a point for each tap and if the balloon touches the floor it goes back to zero. Encourage them to try and make milestone numbers to reach  starting low and getting higher and higher.