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Wednesday 15th April

Year 3 Literacy- The Great Kapok Tree- Day 2

Rainforest Beneath the Canopy

Rain Sound and Rainforest Animals Sound

rainforest slideshow

rainforest slideshow


Today's objective is to make one whole. Follow the instructions below to watch the video. Then have a go at as much of the worksheet as you can. There is no need to print the worksheet - you can just copy the answers or any diagrams into your books. Have a look at the answers afterwards and see how well you did.

Guided Reading

Yesterday you read the beginning of the Kapok tree and answered some questions on the text. Today is the follow up...


Follow the instructions on the video to play the Keepy-Uppy card game. You could play this by catching a ball rather than doing kick ups.


Looking after yourself and keeping safe is so important, especially throughout these challenging times. Read through the PowerPoint and then have a go at the personal hygiene plan. There is no need to print this, you can just copy the table into your book. Lastly, open up the sheet that says 'hazards around the home' and work through the websites.

3SW Class Read- Day7