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Places available for our Pre-school and Nursery for September 2022, please complete an application form (available on our website or from the school office) and return to school ASAP as spaces are filling up fast

Wednesday 15th April


Please remember to do your 30 minutes spelling and 30 minutes reading on Nessy- they are games but are at the right level for your child. When your child has demonstrated that skill on Nessy the program will automatically move on and get harder. I will be checking later on today who has been working hard on Nessy so keep it up!

Learning Key Words

Puddles jump- write the words you have been learning on large pieces of paper, or on the floor in chalk. Take turns to read a word and then your partner has to jump onto it. 

Number recognition 

Do you have any mini eggs left after Easter? Maybe these could be used to help you to recognise numbers. Make a bingo board using numbers 0-10 or 10-20 and play Bingo! Each time a number is read out, ask your child to place a mini egg (or a counter if you want to be healthy) over the number. This would also work with letter recognition. 

Daily Updates on Coronavirus- suitable for children with SEN 

Tips for helping children with autism cope with lockdown

These are challenging times for everybody, but for people with additional needs, including autism the uncertainty of what is currently happening in the world can make it even more challenging. Here are some tips which might help to ease anxiety. 

Online Museum Exhibitions 

Manchester Museum have released some online exhibitions which are free to look at. Click on the link below to access them.