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Wednesday 15th April



Design your own gingerbread house. It can be made out of anything you want! 

  • Your favourite sweets

  • Your favourite biscuits 

  • Your favourite cakes

  • Your favourite chocolate bars


Design and draw a picture of your house. Then, label your design by writing what each part is made out of. You can use these sentences starters for ideas!


It is made of…

The window is made of…

The door is made of …

Here are some ideas to help you!



Practice your sounds and actions!

Practice reading and writing the red words:  you    was 



Main activity: 

We are going to learn a new sound today! Our new sound looks like this...

Practice saying the sound:    ea  cup of tea    ea  cup of tea


Today we are learning ea!

Still image for this video

Now have a go at reading these words. You can write them down in your work book and add your sound buttons to help you read them, just like this...

team       bean       tea      mean  


bead    seat      seal      leaf

Maths- odd and even numbers

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Physical Development- Little Red Riding Hood | Kids Fairytale Fitness / Yoga (2019)

A modern version of the classic tale incorporating physical fitness and self-regulation skills. Little Red Riding Hood helps young children to understand the...


The Witch has captured Hansel and Gretel but they are lucky enough to escape. Can you make a model of cage to lock the witch in? You could use different material.  Post photographs of your model on twitter or email them to the website. Write a list of all the materials you used.

End of the day story- Jojo’s revenge

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