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Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Pre-School,

I hope you enjoyed the activities yesterday. 

Our song to start the day with is one Miss Walton told me is one of your favourites please join in, get your grownups dancing too! 

Shakira - Try Everything:

Maths and Physical Development

Date 10.06.2020

You will need the playdough you made yesterday


Let’s count with playdough…

Roll your playdough into a long sausage—not too thin.  Say the number names in order and as you say each number poke a hole in the playdough with your finger. Choose a different finger each time you count.


Poke and Count

Next roll your playdough into a long sausage again.  Pinch pieces off and roll into small balls.

Line the small balls up and as you count squash each ball one for each number name.

Count and Squidge

See the sheet below for other playdough activities to help strength your child’s hands...


Playdough disco with Shonette Bason is also great fun. There are numerous routines on You Tube if you fancy giving it a try. 


Reading and Communication and Language

Listen to the Very Hungry Caterpillar again but this time listen to the story through a song.  Encourage the children to sing along with the chorus. We loved it in our house!

Look at the pictures from the story carefully and see if you can answer the questions. What would you eat first? Is there anything you wouldn’t eat? What is your favourite thing to eat? Who is eating all this food? Why is he eating this much food? What colour is the lolly? Can you find something green? Why does the caterpillar have tummy ache?

Reading and Communication and Language

Today we are going to sequence the story as your grown up retells the story.

You will need: your caterpillar, 12 pinch pegs or paper clips or just glue, a long strip of cardboard (to hold 12 pegs)  and the pictures below.


If you are unable to print the images, draw the story objects. Cut out and glue the pictures to the pegs.


You will need to listen carefully! As your grown up retells the story find the right story peg and attach it to the  strip of card to create your own picture story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Can you make a munch, munch or crunch, crunch sound as the caterpillar eats the food.  Don’t forget to join in—he was still hungry!


Story Pegs

Understanding the World & Writing

Ask the children when a butterfly lays an egg what hatches out. Does it look like a butterfly? Watch the video link below:

Now go outside, look in your garden along your road. Can you find any butterfly eggs or caterpillars? Where will you look? What other minibeast could you find.

Take the Treasure hunt sheet with you. Tick the things you find.


Expressive Arts and Design

Sing-A-Long with Miss Walton: learn The Tiny Caterpillar Song.


Physical Development

Play  - Riverbank

In this game, your child will put their listening skills, concentration and reflexes to the test.

Equipment: A long rope or ribbon


Lay the rope (or ribbon) on the ground in a spacious area, and get all the players to line up along it. Grown ups, brothers and sisters please join in! Be sure there’s enough space either side for players to safely jump over the rope.


Explain to the children that the side of the rope where they’re stood is the “bank” and the other is the “river”. When the game leader  calls the word “river”, the players must jump over the rope and “into the river”. When they call “bank” they must jump over the rope and back “onto the bank”. The game leader can call “river” or “bank” in any order, as many times as they wish!


If a player jumps “into the river” or “onto the bank” when they are not supposed to, they are out of the game. The last player remaining is the winner!