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Wednesday 10th June



Complete the tasks and activities on the BBC daily lessons site. The activities are all about using setting descriptions which will help when writing about the Butterfly Lion.


Multi Step Problems

Topic- Nurturing 

At school, when do we see nurturing? Where would we like to see nurturing?


Work through the powerpoint.


As we are all going through a usual time at the moment, it would be lovely to do something nice for someone who you live with or a neighbour. Create your own mindfulness colouring sheet or use one of the examples. 


Extra idea: you could make your design a colour by numbers – create a key with colours needed and add the number to different sections of the image.

This week I for PE I would like you to complete the personal challenges at home. Watch the videos on the link below which show you how to complete the challenges. Have a go and record your score. Remember you don't need to print it off you can just record your scores in your work book.
Daily Read

The Boy at the Back of the Class- 3