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Wednesday 10th June

Wake up, shake up!

Hope you enjoy this morning's yoga .

 Minecraft yoga

Literacy starter 

A prefix is a set of letters that can be put in front of a word to change the meaning. For example e.g own  + dis = Disown, familiar + un = unfamiliar.Have a look at the below words. Match up the correct pre-fix to the word.


Yesterday you should have written a character description about one of the characters from the Wizard of OZ. Can you write a character description about one of the other characters today. Remember to describe what they look like and what their personality is like. 

Below is a small character description about the lion as an example.

The lion was quite cowardly and anxious. He was not brave and feared many things.

He is a quiet lion who is trying to build up his courage. He wants to be brave! He has a golden mane which is wild and knotted. His paws are furry and the back of the paw shows signs of roughness.  The lion is tall but extremely shy!



Click on the link. Choose the option for 6 times tables.

Complete today's work on column addition.


Remember to mark your work! You could use a calculator to do this.


Log into Oxford Owl

Read Chapter 3 Journey to Mars and answer the comprehension questions on paper.


  1. What does micro-sized mean?
  2. What have the group done to themselves?
  3. Do you think they will be able to fix the exhibit?
  4. Explain what has happened in chapter 3?
  5. What were the three glitches that were stopping the machine from working?
  6. What was the operation called?
  7. Describe the setting on page 20-21.
  8. Max scouted round to find a way to get inside the display. Can you replace the word scouted with another word?


PE with Joe Wicks. Don’t forget to wear your superhero outfit if you want to. Remember to stay hydrated!


 Choose as many friends as you like from your class. Divide a sheet of paper by that number. Design each space into a jigsaw piece. Draw a picture of a friend in each piece and label it with their name. Make it as bright as you can. Write an adjective for each of your friends in their jigsaw piece. Now cut all the pieces out and jumble them up. Now take the time to put all the pieces together.