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Wednesday 01/07/2020


L.O. To plan a poem

First listen to Nicola Bayley’s poem Parrot Cat.

Then we are going to imagine the cat wants to be a monkey cat.


Parrot Cat

Still image for this video
What would the cat do if he were a parrot?

Watch the video about macaque monkeys to give your some ideas for how the monkey cat would act before you start your plan.


* MONKEY * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

Look carefully at the way the monkey moves, behaves and looks to gather ideas for your poem.

Then in your work books draw a picture of how the cat may have thought about being a monkey.


· In Crab Cat he looked out of the window and saw the sea

· In Elephant Cat he saw elephant bookends on the book shelf

· And in Parrot Cat he saw the little boy painting a picture of a parrot


Could he have:

Seen a book? Perhaps the Monkey Puzzle or Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson.

Seen a program on television

Seen one in a film— the monkey from Aladdin

Or gone to the zoo

Have you got a better idea?

Illustrate the first part of the poem

 If I were a monkey instead of a cat…


Then think about the following:

  • Where does the monkey live?
  • How does the monkey move?
  • What does the monkey eat?
  • How does the monkey communicate?
  • Think of something special the monkey can do.
  • What would make the cat want to become a cat again?


Write the ideas in your book ready to write your poem tomorrow.

When you have finished, have a look at mine, are yours similar or different to mine?



Mrs Walton's ideas...

Maths Challenge

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With your adult or a brother or sister look at the Name 5 things challenge cards and take turns naming objects. Perhaps acknowledge the other person's ideas for example that's a good one, well done!   Use kind manners throughout. 

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