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Tuesday 9th June


Year 3 Literacy- Day 2

The Iron Man


The Iron Man was taller than a house,

His hands were like the claw on a digger,

Teeth as sharp as a knight's sword,

He is a lion hunting his prey.


The Iron Man's eyes glowed like headlamps,

His feet were as big as buses,

Like an owl his head swiveled to look out to sea,

He is a mountain goat climbing the cliffs.



Add 3 Digit Numbers and Tens

Topic- Respect

We talk a lot about respect in school but What actually is respect?

Watch the first couple of minutes of the Sesame Street clip with definitions:

Sesame Street: Respect | Word on the Street

Now watch:

Life Lessons sharing and respecting others

Did the bear and moose show respect? why not? What did they do instead?

They each only focused on their own thoughts and feelings and didn’t consider one another. They didn’t think about how the other might be feeling or their needs.

What was different with the other animals? How did they show respect?


How else can we show respect? Think about: 

-Respect myself

-Respect others

-Respect the environment

-Respect my neighbourhood

-Respect my school


On the respect sheets draw a picture and write a few sentences explaining how we can show respect for their given group. 


This week I for PE I would like you to complete the personal challenges at home. Watch the videos on the link below which show you how to complete the challenges. Have a go and record your score. Remember you don't need to print it off you can just record your scores in your work book.

Daily Read

The Boy in the Dress- 2