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Tuesday 7.7.2020

Broomwood Pre-School Walters Wonderful Web

Listen to the story of Walter the Spider and his battle against the wind to create his wonderful web by spinning different shapes.

When you have read Walter's Wonderful Web can You remember which shapes Walter made with his web?

Can you place the shapes in the right order?

You can cut out paper shapes and the children could order those.


Order the pictures...

Maths & PD


Using either the pictures or the cut out shapes from the literacy activity  lay them on the floor or draw the shapes in chalk outside.


Play a find the shape game:


Jump on the square


Hop to a round shape


Sit on a shape with straight sides


Put your hand on the triangle.


If needed draw the shape in the air with your fingers as you call the shape name to support recognition.


Shape Hopscotch

EAD & PD: Make your own wonderful Web

What you need:

Black paper (or any colour so  long as it isn’t white)


Glue—PVA works best



.How to make your web

Start by drawing a small circle with a pencil for the centre of the spider web. 

Draw lines freehand from the centre circle  and go from one edge of the paper to the other.  It is better to draw fewer lines rather than too many as the glue will make the lines thicker. 

Use your pencil to draw curved lines between each “ray” of the spiderweb.  Again, encourage children to make these line far apart .


Drizzle glue along each long ray of the spider web, then move on to the curved lines that connect the rays. 

While the glue it still wet give the children a little pot of salt, if you have glitter you could add that into the salt to give a little extra shimmer. Remind the children  not to eat it or lick their fingers. 

Warning: you can tell the children when Miss Walton was a little girl like them, she ate a spoonful of salt thinking it was sugar and was very sick!

Use two fingers to pinch the salt and sprinkle it on top of the wet glue. Cover the glue with salt completely and gently slide off the extra.

There you have a wonderful web just like Walters!



Play Captain On Deck!

Equipment:  Any outdoor space for the children to run about in


Children become pirates on a pirate ship.

Jog about in the space, avoiding each other and keeping busy with their own pirate ship tasks.  At various points the pirate leader makes loud announcements in their best pirate voice.  The pirates must act as swiftly as possible to complete a related task, as follows:

Scrub the deck! – pirates crouch down and mime scrubbing the deck with their hands

Climb the rigging! – pirates run on the spot miming climbing up rigging with their hands

Walk the plank! – pirates stop, walk forward three steps along the imaginary plank, then jump to crouching, as if into the sea

Captain on Deck! – All children stop and salute shouting ‘Aye aye Captain’ in their best pirate voice.


Leader varies the orders as they wish.


Spiders for kids

KUW: Find out a little bit more about spiders.
Then go on a spider hunt, how many different spiders can you see?