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Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning everyone!


I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. I was woken up late last night by some foxes screeching down my street! We think that they were playing! My neighbour took a photo of one of them and you will never guess where the fox was... it was standing on top of my neighbour's car!!!!!


Well done on those of you who got the answer for yesterday's question. The answer was dreamt (or undreamt


Today, I have a random fact to intrigue you. Did you know it is impossible for most people to lick their own elbow? Try it - I bet you can't!


Have a super day






Humans do lots of things that have an effect on plants, animals and their habitats.

Use the documents to research all about the effects of humans on the Earth:

-Climate Change

-Palm Oil (you do not need to answer the questions)

-Plastic Pollution

Which of these do you think could lead to endangered or even extinct species?

What actions could we do to lessen these effects and protect our environment and animals?


Complete the Activity Sheet explaining what the problem is, what the effects of the problem are and what we can do to improve the situation. Remember that this can be completed in your book if you don’t have a printer.



Today, you will explore days, weeks, months and years. Use the help sheet so you know how to convert them.

PE Activity


Choose a challenge video to complete.



Today we are going to create our own branching keys to identify living things by looking at their characteristics.


The characteristics of a living thing are what make it similar or different to other living things. 

All species of living thing have a unique set of characteristics.


Species with similar characteristics are put into groups. This is how we classify living things.


Read through the Powepoint. You are then going to create a classification key to sort living things from a rainforest habitat and an urban habitat.


Look carefully at these living things. What question could you ask to split them into two groups?

Class read

Continue to listen to The Chronicles of Narnia today for another 15 minutes.