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Tuesday 5th May

Maths- Time- Months and Years


Learn the rhyme to know how many days are in each month and answer the questions.

Work through the powerpoint and then answer the questions.


Listen to Oti Mabuse reading Please Mrs Butler on the BBC link. Even though you heard this poem yesterday, it is always good to hear how somebody else reads it differently. Scroll down a little bit and you will find the video underneath learn.

Then open the activity underneath this writing called Please Mrs Butler poem and questions– you will be reading the poem and answering some questions about it. 

Guided Reading- The Shaman's Apprentice

PE- 8 minute workout



Today we are going to create our own branching keys to identify living things by looking at their characteristics.


The characteristics of a living thing are what make it similar or different to other living things. 

All species of living thing have a unique set of characteristics.


Species with similar characteristics are put into groups. This is how we classify living things.


Read through the Powepoint. You are then going to create a classification key to sort living things from a rainforest habitat and an urban habitat.


Look carefully at these living things. What question could you ask to split them into two groups?

3SW Class Read- Day 21