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Fulltime places now available for our Pre-school for September 2021, please complete an application form (available on our website) and return to school or contact us for more information


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Tuesday 5th


Find all the ones? Can you colour them?


Still image for this video
The sound of the day - u

Can you find the rhyming word?

Can you segment and blend these words?


p u t         c u p 

Pencil control

Can you make lots of line patterns and dots to create a starry picture with your pencil? Ask your grown up to draw some star shapes for you to trace over the lines.


Imagine you are going to space! Can you write or draw a list of what you would pack in your suitcase. 


I would pack


Space helmet





Can you create some silly rhyming names for the people who live in your house!

Chilly Billy!

Andy Pandy!


Have lots of fun making some nonsense names for everyone in your house.

Time to talk 


What do you think it is like in space?

What do you think you would see?

What sounds do you think you could hear?

What do you think it would smell like?

What do you think the moon would feel like?

Physical Development

Star Breathing


Try doing some relaxing breathing exercises.

Get yourselves comfortable and then start drawing a star in the air.

Think about breathing in and out.