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Tuesday 30th June

Wake up shake up

Dinosaur Stomp



Starter: Complete the spag activity page 3 and then mark it . 


Watch the video and then create a fact sheet about the Shark. Use yesterday's example to help you.



starter: Listen to the song and then complete the second sheet of maths wheels. The answers are attached for you to mark.

Main : Watch the maths lesson on division with remainders and then answer the questions below using the same method.


1. 17 r1

2. 14

3. 12r2

4. 23r2

5. 13 r 1

6. 30 r 1

7. 21r3

8 11 r 4

9. 20 r 3

10. 15 r 2 




Read the text and complete the questions in your book. 



Watch the video and and then set your own climbing activity up. Time yourself a few times and see if you can finish the activity quicker each time.



Get a mirror and have a look at your face in the mirror. Now look at other people in your family. Look at what similarities and differences you have between you. In this world no two people are exactly identical. Even twins have some differences.  I have filmed a story " the Smeds and the Smoods " for reception and I wanted to share it with you if you don't know the story.


Watch the video of the smeds and the smoods read by Mrs Stephani

Discuss what the story was about. Why did the smeds and smoos not like each other?  It is so important that even though we may not look like each other, we respect how people look and their differences. Even though people have different skin colour, live in a different place, look different, may have a disability etc, they need to be respectful and be kind.


Can you draw a poster to represent some different types of people. You could draw real people or cartoon drawings, aliens or animals. Can you use the word respect somewhere on your poster. Can you write some rules on the poster to teach somebody how to respect others. 

Class read

Enjoy listening to the next part of the book by David Walliams, read by Mrs Stephani.