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Tuesday 30.6.2020

Broomwood Pre-School Meet the Colour Monster

The Colour Monster is 'hangry' can you help him Pre-School?

What will you feed him? This is what he found in the Walton kitchen... What would your favourite thing be to eat? I like the strawberries.

Writing: Follow the line to match the face to the emotions, can you use the right colour for each feeling.


Play the monster colour game. You can download the template or draw your own.

You will need: coloured pens: red, yellow, black, blue, green, pink 

How to Play: Roll the dice, make a mark or dot inside the monster for each number rolled—say the number names as you dot. Repeat until you are happy with the way your monster looks!




Play Stepping Stones!


What’s needed: Cushions, towels or mats

How to play: This activity is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Place your chosen items down on the floor and encourage your child to jump from one to the other on a route from one end of the room or garden. Mix it up my creating larger gaps between each item or pretending the floor is the ocean and so to not fall in!