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Watch the video from yesterday all about the constellations. Discuss with your grown up which is your favourite constellation and why.


Can you design your own constellation. You can do this using any colour you want. Make sure you give it a name. Can you write 1-2 sentences or labels about your constellation. We would love to see some of these uploaded onto Twitter!



Read through the sounds that you looked at yesterday. Can you time yourself to read them as fast as you can!




Watch the tricky word song on you tube. Can you write some of these using a pen and paper, on a tray of icing sugar, with chalk on the floor outside or using paint. Can you write a sentence or two using these tricky words.



Count in 2's up to 20. You can use toys to help you do this. Maybe you can write the pattern down on paper.




Can you now write the number bonds to 10.


Physical development

Can you do some star jumps. Can you time yourself for 30 seconds. How many can you do ? Keep a score chart.

Do the same with push ups and jumps on the spot.


If you have access to you tube , you could try a session of cosmic kids yoga.




Look at the below picture of the planets.  Can you use 9 items from your house to re-create this model. e.g plastic plates, balls, beakers, pieces of paper, dolls etc.

Can you tell your adult what the planets are called. Maybe you can write labels for each of the planets.


Remember to keep up your reading. You could use books at home, use phonics play or Oxford owl, listen to books online or on You tube.