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Tuesday 28th April


Design and label your own gingerbread character. Your character could be a gingerbread boy, a gingerbread girl, or a gingerbread animal. It’s up to you! 


Give your gingerbread character a name. Then, decide what decorations your gingerbread character will have. It could have chocolate button eyes, a strawberry lace smile and biscuit buttons. 


Once you have designed your gingerbread character, try your best to label it and write what decorations it has. You could label its ‘chocolate button eyes’, ‘strawberry lace smile’ and ‘biscuit buttons’. 



Practice your sounds and do your actions!

What is this sound?


Go onto


Ask your grown-up to help you click on ‘Phase 3’. Then click on ‘+ch’ to practice reading words with the ‘ch’ sound in. 


Now, try your best to write a short sentence about this picture! 

Your sentence could be ‘I can see a duck’ or ‘A duck in a pond’.



Still image for this video

Physical development

Sprinkle some sand/cocoa/salt/rice or anything that you have onto a plate. Try and write these words into the ingredient: Gingerbread, man, fox, cow, wife, boy, horse, and river. Can you draw a picture for each one. You can use your finger, a pencil or something that will make marks.


Create a life size gingerbread man (or girl!) on a piece of card, wrapping paper or plain paper. Decorate with different types of patters. You could use zig zags, curly lines, spirals, stars, 2d shapes, rainbows or anything else you like. Send us a photograph of your finished designs!

Three Little Pigs - Fixed Fairy Tales

Again, which ending do you like better? The traditional one or this one?