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PE With Joe | Monday 27th April

Today's workout will be decided by The Workout Wheel of Fortune 😀



Spelling – tion endings.

  • Look at the word list to start with and read each word
  • Complete with the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Spell sheet and practise spelling -tion ending words
  • Practise each word and your cursive handwriting on the handwriting sheet
  • Can you complete the letter tiles challenge? Find the letter tile for each letter and add the values up!

Finally, choose at least three of today’s words and write sentences with them in. Can you write any sentences linked to deforestation?



Today, you will order amounts of money using the > more than and < less than signs.

You will need to know that 100p = £1

Ascending order – order amounts from smallest to biggest

Descending order – order amounts from biggest to smallest.

Finally, have a go at the discussion problems. There are only 2 and the answers are below. They are a little tricky so break the question down into smaller chunks to help you, only do a bit at a time. (Here’s a tip, convert the amounts of money so they’re all the same. Make sure amounts are all either in pounds or in pence)

Guided Reading


Tuesday – Focused Reading

Read the text again now you understand more of the words in the text.

Can you summarise the text? That means to sum up the main points/events in the story in one-two sentences. Make sure that you focus on the relevant 5Ws (who/what/whe/when/why)

Can you include how the writer feels at different points in the text? How do they feel when they aren’t chosen? How do they feel later when they are?

What type of text is this? A few clues…

-The time at the top of the text

-The use of the personal pronoun, I

-The reference to ‘journal’ within the text

Topic - Science


Last Science lesson, you explored vertebrates... animals with a backbone. You explored how vertebrates could be classified into 5 different animal types. Today, we will be investigating invertebrates. Invertebrates are animals that don't have a backbone. Some have soft bodies, like worms, slugs and jellyfish. Other invertebrates, like insects, spiders and crustaceans, have a hard outer casing called an exoskeleton. This protects their body a bit like a suit of armour. Vertebrates have a backbone inside their body.


Today we are going on an invertebrate hunt! Your task involves exploring microhabitats and looking for invertebrates. Have a look in your Garden if you have one, or go on a walk with an adult. Look carefully under logs, within plant beds, in the soil or grass to look for invertebrates. If you aren’t able to go outside at all, make some predictions about which invertebrates you think you would be able to find in your local area and use the internet to research and see If you were correct

Complete the Invertebrate Identification sheet to choose one of the invertebrates and draw a detailed diagram, name it, describe its habitat and its characteristics.

The Day the Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers

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