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Year 3 Literacy- The Great Kapok Tree- Day 6

Today we are going to look at arguments for and against logging. I would like you to read through the information on the website below then look at the statements for and against deforestation. 

For your task I would like you to create a table like the one below writing the arguments for and against logging. 



Kids HIIT Workout

Human and Physical Geography Comparison


Where are rainforests found? (between the tropic of cancer and tropic of capricorn)

Why are rainforests formed here? (The weather is very hot and wet)

Today, we are going to be exploring the human and physical features of a rainforest. Can you remember what human features are? And what physical features are?

  • Read through the Human and physical features presentation to remind yourself.

Look at the Rainforest Photos. These are pictures from the Amazon Rainforest which is the largest rainforest on Earth. Which country is it in? Which continent is it in? (Use google maps to identify it). Can you sort the features on the photos into whether they are human or physical features?

Research the Amazon Rainforest. Can you add any more human or physical features to your list?

Use the following websites to help you:

What is a temperate climate? Temperate climates are generally defined as environments with moderate rainfall spread across the year or portion of the year with sporadic drought, mild to warm summers and cool to cold winters. We live in a temperate climate.

What physical and human features might you find in a temperate woodland or forest?

Use the internet to research and create a list of features – why not research a local forest such as Delamere Forest?

Alternatively, if you live close to Broomwood Woods or another woodland area, could you and your grown ups make this part of your daily walk? If so, don’t forget to take some paper and a pencil with you so you can note down all of the physical and human features you see!


What similarities were there between the human and physical features of the rainforest and temperate forest or woodland?

What differences were there?

3SW Class Read- Day 11