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Good morning Year 4!


I hope you had a brilliant Easter break filled with lots of chocolate and fun. Did you build dens or bake? Maybe some of you enjoyed playing in the garden if you're lucky to have one? I tried to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw of Paris, it was soo tricky that I've only completed the sky so far! I also baked a delicious banana bread and ate lots of Easter eggs too (unfortunately no Jaffa Cakes yet). I hope you're all well rested and ready to learn all about our new topic.... The Rainforest!

Literacy activity - use the story to help you complete the grid


Today we will be exploring decimals and making a whole from tenths and hundredths.

Read through the powerpoint and have a go at the activities first, before having a go at the questions.


There are 10 tenths in a whole.

There are 100 hundredths in a whole.

There are 10 hundredths in one tenth.

Guided Reading



Please read the short text, A Real, Virtual World. As you are reading, highlight (or make a list of) any unfamiliar words. What do you think these words might mean? Does the text help you to understand them?

Use a dictionary, ask an adult, or use the internet to research these words and understand the text.

Guided Reading Pre read text



Water Cycle – understand what is the water cycle and the importance of the Rainforest in providing water.


Watch the videos that explain the water cycle.

Then work through the PowerPoint that explains the processes of the water cycle.


Using the worksheet to help you, draw a diagram of how the water cycle works. Underneath write an explanation of how the cycle works. *Do you have a sandwich bag? Use a marker pen to draw the water cycle on the bag and fill a little with water - you can watch the water cycle happen in real life, right there in the bag!*


Read the information about how Rainforests play an important role in the water cycle.

Complete the Rainforest reading comprehension.