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Tuesday 14th April

Year 3 Literacy- The Great Kapok Tree- Day 1

Numeracy - Begin with the mental starter to wake up your brain! Our new unit is fractions. Read through the PowerPoint and watch the video - I have saved the link on the sheet that says video website. Then have a go at the Unit and Non Unit fractions sheet. The extra challenge sheet is there for those of you who feel confident. Afterwards, you can mark your work and see how well you did.

Reading - Our new guided reading book is the text we are looking at In Literacy - The Great Kapok Tree. It is fantastic! Open the reading activity and read through the pages. Then do the pre-read activity and answer the questions. I have attached the answers for you to see how well you did. Remember that your answers may not be worded exactly the same as mine but that is absolutely fine!

Today's PE activity


Make an Easter themed obstacle course - in the garden or at home! Ideas include:

Hop like a bunny 50 times - on each leg!

Balance on your hands and feet whilst crouched down - like a leaping frog - and bounce around the room.

Egg and spoon - can you walk with the egg without dropping it? Can you jog too?

If you have a family member who can join in - have some fun throwing and catching a boiled egg!

3SW Class Read- Day 6